Lessons by Larissa
Parents Resources
(books are available in my library)

General reading:

1. "How to talk so kids will listen& listen so kids will talk" by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish.
2. "How to talk so kids can learn at home and in school" by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish.
3. "The pearls of Love and Logic for parents and teachers" by Jim Fay and Foster W.Cline, M.D.
4. "Teaching with love and logic. Taking control of the classroom" by Jim Fay and David Funk.
5.  "Between Parent and Child" by Dr.Haim G.Ginott.
(available on Google books)
6.  "Piano Lessons" a memoir by A.Goldsworthy.
7. "Raising Musical Kids: A Guide fro Parents" by Rovert A.Cutietta
8. http://www.amazon.com/Excellent-Books-Early-Eager-Readers/dp/083891344X

Practice Tips:

1. "Nurtured by Love" The classic approach to talent education, by Shinichi Suzuki
2. "To Learn with Love" A companion for Suzuki Parents, by William and Constance Starr
3. "Helping Parents Practice" ideas for making it easier, by Edmund Sprunger
4. "Not until you've done your practice: the classic survival guide for kids who are learning a musical instrument, but hate practicing" by Philip Johnston and David Sutton
5. "How to get your child to practice... without resorting to violence!" by Cynthia V.Richards and Jane Dally
Adult Students Resources
(books are available in my library)

Piano Technique

1. "What every pianist needs to know about the body" by Thomas Mark
2. "Famous pianists & their technique" by Reginald R.Gerig
3. "Freeing the cage bird" by Barbara Lister - Sink