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Preparatory Piano Music Classes
Preparatory Piano Music Classes are offered to 3 and 4 year olds only, before they start private piano lessons.
Preparatory Piano Music Classes are a wonderful opportunity to introduce children of young age to piano study. Preparatory Piano Music is fun and joyful. In this class children learn to recognize keys on the piano keyboard not only visually but also aurally. Aural development at such early age is very important. Children learn how to sing in tune, which with time will help them to recognize familiar songs, play by ear, figure them out on the piano, and improvise.
Preparatory Piano Music Classes are the result of over 25 years of teaching experience in Kazakhstan, and here in the United States, as well as previous music education from former USSR schools.
Having a piano at home is not necessary for this program. Children are provided with a 44-keys mini keyboard. Classes are 45 min. long and held once a week.  Each class is limited to no more than 4 children.

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