Lessons by Larissa

Graduate Students

Abby: started lessons August 2003 - graduated August 2013

Studying at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, about 20
minutes outside of Philadelphia.
I plan to major in engineering, and while the only available degree is
a general one, I would like to concentrate in civil engineering.
I'm thinking of majoring in either music, art, or Spanish, and
certainly plan to maintain my study of piano to the best of my
What Makes You Happy?

In general, I am a very happy person: I have a sunny disposition, and I naturally look on the bright side. I am slow to irritate, and rarely have bad days. Even Mondays can't seem to bring me down. This does not mean I have no troubles; there are certainly times when I am stressed, sad or disappointed. However, I have found my own simple way of maintaining happiness: I play piano. I have been practicing the instrument for ten years, but more recently it has become not only a study, but a kind of therapy. I play piano everywhere I can. It does not matter where I play or who I play for, if anyone at all: I simply love playing. I find that the action itself is calming, and allows me to focus on something intensely yet without worry. The sense of accomplishment that a performance brings is a wonderful feeling, even if there is no audience or I make mistakes. I smile after every piece I play, just because I enjoy creating. On my busiest, most stressful days, I always find the time to play at least one song, and that alone is enough to cheer me up and carry me through the rest of the day. I would feel incomplete without my piano: it is a part of me, a means of self-expression, and it is one of the things in life which makes me the happiest.
Jenny: started lessons August 2003 - graduated June 2014

I am attending Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI, and majoring in Theology with the intent of becoming a pastor.  Though I do not plan to continue in professional musical study, I can’t imagine ever abandoning the piano.  My music is an invaluable part of who I am.  I keep in practice as a volunteer church pianist, and I learn a little bit more every time I play.  One of the best things about piano for me is the ability to reach out to an audience and touch them, if only for a moment, with the pleasure in listening that I receive from playing.