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Teacher's Philosophy

Larissa O’Malley’s philosophy in teaching is that ALL children are talented. A child’s talent is hidden and it is up to us, as teachers, to discover it, develop it, and let it soar. The earlier we do this, the better. Larissa likes to start working with children between ages 3 and 6.

Benefits from children taking piano lessons are endless. One of the most important is that learning how to play piano helps enhance the natural learning process: it develops reading and math skills early on, as well as a desire to learn different languages. Music itself is a language. It is the language of notes, sounds, and rhythms. It has been proven that pre-school children, who have taken piano lessons, have better concentration and coordination levels. They develop a sense of achievement, self-esteem and confidence that
assists them throughout their educational life.

How many times do we hear parents say that their child would like to learn how to play a guitar after he or she took piano lessons for several years.  It is no surprise that children develop interest for different instruments after they have learned piano. Several students in my Studio have expanded their skills by taking guitar, violin, percussion, and voice lessons. Some participate in Talent Shows, sing in their school’s glee club or choir, and have performed in Musicals.

Taking piano lessons opens up a child’s uniqueness, individuality, and creativity. It makes them happier individuals. Many children start composing music by simple patterns of notes. All enjoy creating their own accompaniments to favorite tunes, and when they discover they can do it, the excitement on their faces and the desire to show you what they discovered is indescribable.

Larissa is dedicated to enriching the lives of both her students and their families.
Here is a link to an infographic that beautifully depicts the both the primary and secondary benefits of music lessons: http://www.encoremusiclessons.com/lessons/piano#infographic_piano_lessons_are_good_for_you_and_your_brain
You’ll enjoy seeing all the benefits that piano lessons gives to  your child.

Here is the link to a brochure that explains all that your tuition covers, which is much more than the 30 or 45 minute lessons I get to spend with each of your children. I know it helps to know that your money is always being investing in your child’s music education even when they need to miss a lesson. So be sure to take a look at what all your tuition covers: